How can we assist you?

➤ We provide both business pre-implementation services (consultative) and post-implementation services (audit/review) to help you understand and manage your relationship with your suppliers or service providers.

➤ Understand your risks. We approach outsourcing projects from a business perspective and start by first understanding your business itself - how the outsourcing effort is helping you achieve your strategy and what potential risks might mean to your business. We work closely with you to perform comprehensive assessments of the quality of your existing outsourcing risks.

➤ Design an outsourcing risk plan. We help you define the combination of organisation, skills, processes, software and technology that aligns your current and future needs with your business objectives.

➤ We work closely with you to evaluate options and then define policies, education, training, technologies, standards, roles & responsibilities, processes, and metric needed for a sustainable outsourcing management program.

➤ Support your outsourcing monitoring efforts. We can help supplement your management and monitoring capabilities with periodic outsourcing assessments designed to confirm that your outsourcing relationship are proceeding as planned and the significant issues have been surfaced and are being addressed. 

➤ Our main purpose is to identify, confirm or validate any business that you have already launched or that you are about to. We will consolidate all the elements that will enable you to either strengthen or modify your business framework and to make it even more profitable. Beyond technology and technical set up, the outcome of the business readiness acceleration track is a comprehensive business framework that will guide you through the whole solution lifecycle.

➤ Need to find the right datacenter for your equipment within the Benelux? Just let us do the audit or recommendations. We can also assist you with the right preparation for the ISO27001 certification process and guide you through the complete plan, do, check, act cycle with our unique methodology and tools delivered as a service model (saas). We can also assist you with defining and preparing your business continuity plan.


During the past ten years, peter had the opportunity to work in the fields of cloud computing and IT security. In the latter sector, peter was responsible for carrying out various internal and external ISMS and GDPR audits (based on regulations regarding privacy and data protection).

He has been involved in the implementation of the ISO27001 standard for an ISMS (information security management system) for risk assessments, the information security policy and the business continuity plan (BCP), using the PDCA methodology at many organizations.

Peter takes part in various initiatives, such as the special interest group of the European commission who published a code of conduct for Cloud services in Europe.

He is also an independent speaker about Cloud & Data protection at different national and international events. As an inspirational, motivational speaker, peter combines humor and interaction with insightful content that will inspire and motivate the audience.

Gdpr – General Data Protection Regulation

On 25 May 2018, the general data protection regulation (GDPR) came into effect. This new European legislation sets out how businesses, authorities and organizations are to handle personal data.

The time has now come for us to take a pragmatic look at the tsunami we have had to ride during the past few months.

One of the first conclusions that can be drawn is how long it took for things to get going. This is striking given that the GDPR did not come as a surprise. The fact that this legislation would be introduced had been known for years, and the official text was published as far back as April 2016.

Read all about this and more in the new ultimate GDPR guide, free of charge.