Cloud readiness Acceleration Track

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to create a sales funnel and generate new sales prospects so that you can accelerate your cloud related business.

Attendees will learn:

  • How your business can take advantage of cloud and managed services to grow sales and profits plus company valuation.
  • Which cloud business model is best to serve for you and your customers.
  • How to generate sales leads, handle objections and close the deal.
  • Which cloud and managed services solutions you should offer & how they should be bundled, priced & branded.
  • How to keep competitors from coming after your customers.
  • How to recruit the right talent for your Cloud business.
Click on the picture above to download our Cloud Readiness Acceleration Track One-Pager

Click on the picture above to download our Cloud Readiness Acceleration Track One-Pager

The call to actions we collected in the workshop have given us a clear guidance in our planning. The concept to meet before the workshop in an informal setting gave a great start and was experienced as positive by all participants. Within the near future, these kind of sessions will also be useful to train our partners. In this way they will fit the entire chain between customer and supplier.
— Larik-Jan Verschuren-Parchomov - CEO Fundaments

About the trainer

Cloud Training Program

Cloud Training Program

Peter Witsenburg - Your digital coach & cloud broker

For the last eight years peter has focused on cloud computing technologies, with the objective to bring the cloud closer to the end customers, while providing advisory and integration services. 

His main focus is the development and implementation of sales and marketing strategies for b2b that will contribute towards achieving sales targets regarding cloud services. 

He is also giving advice about how companies can transform from product selling into solution selling.

As a very early cloud believer, peter has been promoting cloud computing at many events and occasions. Currently he has his own consulting company and is taking part in several initiatives around cloud, like the European commission special industry workgroup (c-sig) and the Eurocloud round table panel.

In the workshop we defined that - Cloud profitability is not about when you doing business, but how you build contextual user-experience. Together we Azurite a new open playing field of business models.
— Erik Bakermans Creative Digital Strategist – Ciber Inc.
I have learned through the joint workshops that it greatly contributes to a much more thorough mutual understanding of each other’s business model, offering, partnering opportunities, required approached and pre requisites for success. I am confident that these workshops lead to greater results by laying a solid foundation, support the creation of a plan of action for the future - against concrete targets - and maps out a clear road to the revenues of Leaseweb.
— Freek Hemminga Channels & Marketing Manager - LeaseWeb Global Services B.V.

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