2017 will become the year of the übercloud

No, it's not what you might think that the other taxi company is now going to offer Cloud solutions, but what this means is the Cloud of Clouds or so called Interconnected Cloud.

First a little explenation, because this type of Cloud is not (yet) being recorded as definition of the American N.I.S.T in which there are four types of Clouds mentioned, 1. Public Cloud, 2. Private Cloud, 3. Hybrid Cloud and 4. Community Cloud. According to our humble opinion, it is becoming time that a fifth definition will be added named the InterCloud.

An InterCloud is a type of cloud that will connect other Clouds with each other and most common are those Public Cloud providers. The increasing demand for this type of Inter Clouds is actually quite logical, because more and more companies are turning to Private or Public Cloud solutions while using the Internet to connect with the service or information. And now let just the Internet itself experiencing exponential growth with an increasing number of users and many types of services.

They are mainly individuals like you and me, as consumers using all kinds of internet services based on subscription, think of Youtube, Spotify, Netflix, Facebook, Google and many other types of providers. In short, just as within your car you are more often stuck into traffic jam like the Internet is also slowing down, meanwhile the Telecom providers do everything to upgrade their network to meet our increasing bandwidth demand. Due to the increasing success in recent years of Public Cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises, more and more users connecting via the Internet to do their daily work. But would it not be more convenient to be able to connect directly to your Public Cloud Service Provider of choice? And this is precisely what the Inter-Cloud can offer and this usually directly from the data center in which your company already has transferred all its IT equipment.

Direct connection to the Public Cloud?

The usage of Public Cloud is growing steadily in Belgium. Not only in size but also the number of suppliers increases. And every Cloud provider has its own network service. Below an overview of the key players* and their way of connecting directly:

* AWS Direct Connect

* Direct link to SoftLayer

* Express Route for Azure

* Google Cloud Interconnect

* Oracle Fast Connect

* Salesforce Connect

Every Public Cloud Provider has its own terms & conditions and technical specifications, before you can establish a connection.

But what is the role of the datacenter?

The data centers are investigating the developments in the field of hybrid and multi-cloud applications closely. More often they are getting the request of customers who wanted to connect to the Cloud. And with that growing demand, datacenters are realizing that a good connectivity proposition can be an important business driver. Customers will indeed choose for a datacenter that relatively easy could connect with the Cloud service provider they prefer. 

The current major players* and their services are listed below:

* EuNetworks Cloud Connect

* Cloud Equinix Exchange

* EuroFiber Secure Cloud Connect

* Interxion Cloud Connect

Due to commercial reasons each datacenter has its own given name to this type of services. But they are all identical. Except that there is a difference in bandwidths and to the partners they connect with. The choices are becoming bigger for both Cloud and Datacenter services, so a right partner is becoming increasingly important to literally connect everything with each other. Therefor a gentle request to all system integrators in our country to also embrace the InterCloud as a service. Wonder who will be the first?

* Special thanks goes to Robèr van den Brink for compiling the list.

De digitale poort naar de Cloud

Gedurende de afgelopen zes maanden hebben wij meegeholpen om de gegevens te verzamelen over de Belgische datacenters. Zij herbergen de informatie over onze digitale toekomst van morgen en transporteren zettabytes op een beveiligde manier naar hun wereldwijde bestemming.

In hun laatste drie nummers heeft ConneXie deze informatie verzameld en nadien gegroepeerd in een e-paper van 48 bladzijden met als titel De digitale poort naar de Cloud. Een uniek document dat in België nog nooit werd gepubliceerd. Mede dankzij de medewerking van Belgium Cloud, een kenniscentrum voor de ICT-branche en de CloudMakelaar die advies verleent aan gebruikers van Cloud diensten kwam deze datacenter special tot stand. Het werd aangevuld door bijdragen van specialisten in deze ‘digitale burchten’ van de toekomst, met hun visie op de nabije toekomst. ConneXie heeft 35 datacenters bij naam genoemd, een top 10 gemaakt en de beste vijf laten rangschikken door een professionele jury. De top drie kregen een award op de 4e editie van de Telecom Inspirience Awards.

Een dergelijk initiatief is nooit af. Op regelmatige basis zal ConneXie dan ook deze informatie verder aanvullen of aanpassen. In 2017 brengen zij in samenwerking met ons de Cloud Service Providers in beeld. Deze ontwikkelen en plaatsen de diensten en oplossingen die we vroeg of laat allemaal zullen gebruiken. Heeft u hierover iets te melden, een oplossing of dienst voor te stellen, laat het ons dan zeker even weten.

De e-paper kan u hier gratis downloaden.

Alvast veel leesplezier toegewenst....